In 2008 the purchase of Rubbertec GmbH by the Hoffmann and Zwisler families took place. Rubbertec develops, designs, produces and distributes technically sophisticated seals made of elastomer.

After the global economy experienced a dynamic recovery in 2010, Rubbertec took over Lintex GmbH, which was also insolvent and located near Stuttgart. Lintex was taken over in particular with the strategic goal of diversifying into further sectors outside of the automotive industry. Since 2010, Rubbertec has been producing high-quality elastomer products for medical technology and the foodstuffs supply industry.

In December 2015 all shares of Rubbertec GmbH were acquired by Mudelium GmbH. Sole shareholder of Mudelium GmbH is Mr. Christian Zwisler, director of Rubbertec GmbH.