Rubbertec is a specialist in the field of seals made of elastomer, elastomer/plastic, elastomer/metal and rubber cork. Rubbertec develops and optimises the full environment of sealing points in engines and transmissions for OEMs and tier ones: gaskets with different profiles for oil sumps, cylinder heads, timing gear housings and induction manifolds. These products are precisely adapted to the complex shapes of the sealing surfaces, some of which are three-dimensional. In addition to the sealing function, they also contribute to preventing the transmission of structure-borne noise.

Here, the range of services includes designing and constructing the seals in-house, as well as developing proprietary rubber mixtures and formulas, which are crucial for lasting success in the elastomer industry.

In this way, the entire product-creation process is reproduced in-house at Rubbertec. From the design stage to testing, simulation and even large-scale series production, at Rubbertec we safeguard all of the production steps for our customers.